The only gluten-free baking cookbook you’ll ever need.

Winner of the Fortnum & Mason 2022 DEBUT COOKERY BOOK of The Year Award!!

From proper crusty bread, pillowy soft cinnamon rolls and glorious layered cakes to fudgy brownies, incredibly flaky rough puff pastry and delicate patisserie – you can find it all in my book. And it’s all GLUTEN-FREE!!

Baked to Perfection includes:

  • over 100 spectacular gluten-free recipes
  • expert tips & useful scientific explanations of WHY the recipes work
  • mouth-watering photos with every recipe
  • helpful step-by-step photography

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A note for all my US & Canadian readers:

Because the UK and the US versions of the book are one and the same, there’s been some confusion about a few UK-specific ingredients and baking terminology. That’s why I’ve put together a “UK-to-US glossary” that lists all potentially unfamiliar UK terms and gives their US equivalents.

Reader favourites

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the most popular recipes from the book. And yes, all these recipes are GLUTEN-FREE – not that you could possibly tell!!

Artisan Dark Crusty Loaf

Salted Caramel Stuffed Brownies

Proper Fried Doughnuts

Simple Vanilla Cupcakes

Proper Boiled & Baked Bagels

Coffee Choux Buns

Caramel Apple Pie

Perfect Baguettes

Helpful “technical doodles” scattered throughout the book!

In addition to developing all the recipes, writing the book and photographing it, I’ve also illustrated it!

I’ve always been a very visual learner – during my undergraduate Chemistry studies, my notes were always covered in schemes and doodles. After all, a picture does say a thousand words. So, in order to make the science in Baked to Perfection more accessible and approachable, I’ve included what I like to call “technical doodles” throughout the book: little fun illustrations that help explain the science at work.

Like this one, for example! It explains the difference between the standard creaming method and the so-called “reverse creaming method”, and why the latter results in a more even aeration and minimal doming.

Order Your Copy Now!


You should also be able to find Baked to Perfection on your country’s Amazon website.

Reviews & praise for Baked to Perfection

“Science, humour and recipes for scrumptious gluten-free baked goods – this book has them all. … Baked to Perfection is also a feast for the eyes. Beautiful illustrations dotted throughout make some of the more scientific content super accessible and fun, while step-by-step photos for some recipes give you confidence that you’re on the right track.”

The Independent

“An enormously helpful guide to baking in general, frankly, and gluten-free baking in particular. … Cermelj is a scientist by education and training and has a real gift for explaining the science behind what works and what doesn’t in a way that is as entertaining as it is elucidating. … this book is just full of recipes I long to make.”

Nigella Lawson

Baked to Perfection contains all the recipes and scientific understanding you need to bake anything gluten-free, and for it to work perfectly every time. Katarina has produced a beautiful and inspiring book that makes me want to head for the kitchen and switch on the oven! A magnificent achievement.”

Juliet Sear, author of The Cake Decorating Bible

“A winning guide … Bakers who want to expand their gluten-free baking repertoire and really get into what’s happening in the baking process won’t want to miss this.”

Publishers Weekly

“Katarina Cermelj effortlessly combines her knowledge of both science and baking to demystify gluten-free baking once and for all.”

Erin Jeanne McDowell, author of The Book on Pie

“With humor and wit, [Cermelj] explains everything readers need to know to make their own successful gluten-free treats. … With intelligent instruction and beautiful visuals, Cermelj shows readers that gluten-free baked goods can be moist, tasty, and satisfying.”


“Put what you know about wheat-based baking aside, and let Katarina teach you the wonders of decadent cookies, flaky tartlets, and tender cakes that all happen to be baked without gluten.”

Tessa Huff, author of Layered

“Gluten-free baking just got a whole lot easier! The knowledge that Katarina shares is indispensable.”

Julie Jones, author of The Pastry School

Exclusive recipe previews

In case you’re not certain whether or not this gluten-free cookbook is a good fit for you, I’ve also published two exclusive recipe previews right here on the blog! In addition to giving you the mouth-watering recipes, these blog posts also give an additional insight into the kind of information you can expect to find in Baked to Perfection.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of recipes are included in this gluten-free cookbook?

The book is divided into 8 recipe chapters: cakescupcakes + muffinsbrownies (yes, they got a chapter all of their own!), cookies + barspies + tartsbreadbreakfast + teatime treats (including lacy French crepes, fluffy pancakes and buttery scones), and an “around the world” chapter, where I look at popular bakes from other countries – think delicate choux buns, creamy New York-style cheesecake and coconut-covered lamingtons.

Are all the recipes sweet, or are there also savoury dishes included?

While the majority of recipes in the book are desserts, there are also recipes that will satisfy your savoury baked cravings. My favourites include an amazing Gluten-Free Pizza (with PROPER pizza dough), Rosemary Focaccia and Caramelised Onion + Cherry Tomato Tartlets.

Additionally, many recipes in the bread chapter are “neutral” in terms of their sweetness or savouriness – things like bagels, baguettes and sandwich bread.

Do you use store-bought gluten-free flour blends or do you mix your own? Will I need lost of different gluten-free flours to make the recipes?

The book actually gives you the option to use either: I’ve tested most of the recipes both with popular store-bought blends available in the UK *and* with two custom DIY blends you can mix from individual gluten-free flours.

These blends can be used for all the recipes in the book except bread – there, I list individual flours in the recipes because gluten-free bread requires a very specific flour profile.

However, I’ve also included lots of information on flour substitutions because I know that not all the flours are available everywhere, and you might also not be able to eat certain flours (like cornstarch, maize flour, rice flour or potato starch) due to additional food intolerances.

Is the science in the book very complicated?

Not at all! The science is actually very simple – no pages-long formulae or complex molecular structures in sight. Plus, it’s the delicious kind of science: the kind that tells you how to make your cake sponges fluffy without having a domed top, how to achieve that coveted shiny top on brownies, and how to make THE BEST gluten-free bread of your life. And to make it more fun, I’ve included helpful illustrations to explain the sciency bits even further.

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You should also be able to find Baked to Perfection on your country’s Amazon website.