The author of The Loopy Whisk food blog, Kat, in the process of decorating raw vegan strawberry cupcakes.

Hey there!

I'm Kat and I love food.

No, seriously. At any point, there’s about 99% chance I’m thinking about food. I also can’t really eat gluten or dairy, which kinda sucks, but isn’t the end of the world – because once I realised that removing gluten + dairy from my diet solved so many of my healthy issues, I went to work. And I developed my own delicious, mouth-watering allergy friendly recipes… and I share them all with you, here, on The Loopy Whisk!

Food has always been central to my life.

Some of my best childhood memories revolve around cooking and baking; be it the spectacular three dimensional cakes my mum made for my every birthday, helping to make cookies at Christmas (when I say helping… I was very good at licking the spoon), or merely listening to the comforting sounds of sizzling, bubbling and cracking coming from the kitchen.

My love for everything food came with me as my family moved from Slovenia to the UK, where I studied Chemistry at the University of Oxford (nope, seems like I really can’t escape mixing, heating and experimenting in any aspect of my life). So I lived through a few years of student life… but definitely not the student grub. Making poached eggs in my kettle was one of my greatest student culinary achievements (yes, it works, and yes, they were delicious).

And then, in 2015,

I started having all sorts of health issues – and let me tell you, it wasn’t fun. Turns out, a large part of them were fixed simply by removing gluten + dairy from my diet. When I say “simply”… yeah, I was sick and tired of quinoa and smoothies for a while.

But then, I put my Chemistry degree to good use, and started experimenting.
There were fails, spectacular ones.
And there were successes, too.
And over time, the successes outbalanced the fails.

Since then, I have – once again – eaten pizza, tiramisu and way waaaay too many brownies. They were all gluten and/or dairy free, many also vegan and paleo.

The author of The Loopy Whisk food blog, Kat, eating a raw vegan strawberry cupcake.

And so, The Loopy Whisk was created in late 2016.

Because while there were (and are) allergy friendly recipes out there, “free-from” food still has a bad rep. And people who can’t eat this or that still feel like they can’t enjoy their food.

I really really really wanted to change that.

And you want to know the best part? It’s kinda working.
There’s nothing like receiving and e-mail from a mum saying how her son with a bazillion food allergies had just enjoyed his first birthday cake in forever, or how my recipes have returned somebody’s faith in vegan + gluten free baking.

That's why The Loopy Whisk is here.

To help, to guide, to inspire.