Recommended Products – Popcorn Cake (VonShef)

|| byKat

Recommended products + tools

To make things easier for you, here are the products I’ve used and recommend for this recipe! So often, I get asked about what kind of gluten free flour I use or which kind of baking pans are best – and I know that the baking/cooking world can be overwhelming, what with the bazillion different products available out there. Well, no more.

This post has been sponsored by VonShef, but all opinions are my own! (For more information, check out the Disclosure Policy.)

  • I absolutely swear by the VonShef hand mixer to produce the perfect cake batters and the most fluffy buttercream every single time. (If you’re looking for a new hand mixer, here’s the UK link and the US link for the VonShef one!)
  • When it comes to baking, there’s NEVER enough mixing bowls. You know what I mean, right? That’s why I love the VonShef 6 piece mixing bowl set – (a) there are SIX mixing bowls, and (b) they go from a teeny tiny one to an absolutely humongous one!
  • And if you’re fed up with your mixing bowls sliding all over the place when you use them: the VonShef 3 piece mixing bowl set with non-slip silicone bases are the perfect solution! (If you’re looking for a new mixing bowl set, here’s the UK link and the US link to the VonShef ones.)
  • You know how getting the frosting on a cake all smooth and straight can be a bother sometimes? Well, an icing smoother solves the problem easily. The VonShef dough scraper and cutter can actually be used for this exact purpose – and it works like a dream!