SALTED CARAMEL BROWNIE TRUFFLES – with VIDEO {gluten, nut & soy free, dairy & refined sugar free option, paleo option}

Have a failed brownie recipe that tastes amazing but looks kinda meh? Make these INSANELY DELICIOUS salted caramel brownie truffles and turn a baking fail into your biggest baking success. And all of a sudden – you’re everyone’s favourite person and you’ve got yourself a new favourite chocolate recipe. (Psst, now there’s also a VIDEO you can watch for step-by-step instructions!)

Close up of a salted caramel brownie truffle, with the salted caramel centre oozing out in a tantalising, mouth-watering manner.

So you’re baking brownies. You’re really excited because… brownies. And you are super confident they’ll work because… brownies. You can’t mess up brownies.

And then they come out of the oven, flat and dense and not pretty at all. Half in tears (because brownies are serious business, and life isn’t right if brownies aren’t soft and fudgy), you decide to taste a bit. And WHAM. Full on meltdown because they are the most delicious thing ever but they just look… awful.

And just when you’re on the brink of throwing the whole thing into the trash and giving up baking and chocolate (*gasp*) altogether… Stop.

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EASY & HEALTHY FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH PECANS {gluten, dairy, peanut, soy & ref. sugar free, paleo}

This healthy flourless chocolate cake will blow minds and make (many) new friends. The prefect dessert to make with leftover egg whites, it’s gluten and dairy free, as well as paleo. Super chocolatey and ridiculously delicious, it’s bound to impress!

A slice of the easy healthy flourless chocolate cake, with the whole cake in the background.

What do you do with 9 leftover egg whites?

Of course, there’s all the usual suspects: soufflés, egg white omelettes, meringues, pavlovas. All fluffy, light, airy… and quite predictable, when you have too many egg whites on hand.

But because we like defying expectations (and have a chocolate obsessed brain), we’ll make something quite different. Something that manages to be both fluffy and fudgy, airy and decadent – we’ll make an easy and healthy flourless chocolate cake with pecans.

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GLUTEN & DAIRY FREE CARAMEL MOUSSE CAKES {gluten, dairy, nut & soy free, refined sugar free option}

A mousse cake might seem like an impossible baking feat, but it actually couldn’t be simpler to prepare! These caramel mousse cakes are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, but still pack a powerful flavour punch. A healthier fancy dessert, which anyone can make!

Gluten & Dairy Free Caramel Mousse Cakes {gluten, dairy, nut & soy free, refined sugar free option} - A super easy recipe for mousse cakes with a refined sugar free caramel mousse and a delicious dark chocolate shell. Complete with a gluten and dairy free cookie bottom, this healthier fancy dessert is a joy to make and eat!

Is it Friday yet? Please say yes.

It’s been a long week in a series of long weeks – and I need my weekend. Time to regroup, to sleep in, to have breakfast at 11 am, to bake at a time other than it’s-getting-late-shouldn’t-you-be-thinking-of-sleep-rather-than-brownies o’clock.

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VEGAN & PALEO NO-BAKE PUMPKIN TRUFFLES {gluten, dairy, egg, peanut, soy & ref. sugar free, vegan & paleo}

A simple and healthy recipe for no-bake pumpkin truffles, which couldn’t be more scrumptious if they tried. Vegan and paleo pumpkin filling meets a coating of dark chocolate, making them the perfect healthy fall dessert.

Vegan & Paleo No-Bake Pumpkin Truffles {gluten, dairy, egg, peanut, soy & refined sugar free, vegan, paleo} - A simple and healthy recipe for no-bake pumpkin truffles, which couldn’t be more scrumptious if they tried. Vegan and paleo pumpkin filling in the centre with a coating of dark chocolate. The perfect healthy fall dessert.

I’m wearing Christmas socks right now. Just thought you should know. I don’t even have the excuse of grabbing them in the dark and not knowing they were Christmas socks. They were chosen in a state of full awareness… well, as much awareness (and alertness) there is before 8 am.

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