GLUTEN FREE CROATIAN BEAR PAW COOKIES {gluten, peanut & soy free}

These wonderful Croatian bear paw cookies are a Christmas favourite in our house – buttery, sweet, rich and so incredibly aromatic! A gluten free variation on a traditional Croatian cookie recipe, their taste will knock your socks off and leave you craving more.

A stack of three gluten free Croatian bear paw cookies, standing on a fluted cookie mould. Bunches of holly add to the festive holiday atmosphere.

Here’s a fun fact: the longer you keep these cookies in a closed container, the better they get. (Where “better” means they go from “damn delicious” to “too good to be true”.)

Another fact: they never last long enough to get to the “better” stage.

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Four variations of gluten free Christmas cake pops, each one more adorable than the other. They’re both almost too pretty to eat, and too delicious not to have a bite… or ten. When you can choose between reindeer cake pops, Christmas tree cake pops, snowman cake pops and Christmas bauble cake pops, there’s something for everyone.

(Plus, there’s a video with step-by-step instructions… but you can totally watch it just to see the all the pretty cake pops being made.)

Gluten free Christmas cake pops arranged in a white stand on a white surface and in front of a light blue background. From left to right: snowman cake pop, Christmas bauble cake pop, Rudolph reindeer cake pop, Christmas tree cake pop. Small candy canes, white sprayed pinecones and Christmas baubles add to the holiday mood.

Christmas is officially less than a fortnight away and, guys, I can’t wait.

You know what else can’t wait? The weather. Yesterday, we woke to a winter wonderland. Everything was covered in snow. There might have been squealing and bouncing… and more squealing. And then, there was a snowman. And a snow-Garfield, complete with a slightly bored look and coal-drawn stripes. I felt like I was 5 years old again and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

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CHRISTMAS PINWHEEL COOKIES {gluten, nut & soy free}

Fun, quirky and adorable, these gluten free Christmas pinwheel cookies are bound to become a holiday favourite. And what’s even better, these tasty (and ridiculously pretty) Christmas cookies are also super easy to make!

A bird's eye view of the gluten free red and green Christmas pinwheel cookies arranged on a decorative star-shaped plate, on a pale greyish blue background. White sprayed pinecones and small candy canes add to the Christmas atmosphere.

Now, I’m sure we all agree that merely throwing some red and green sprinkles at some unsuspecting cookie cough does not a Christmas cookie make. Yeah? Yeah.

So, because Christmas is serious business and because we’re totally badass cookie makers, we’ll go all the way and make these red and green Christmas pinwheel cookies. Gluten free, of course.

And if we use the colours a bit over-enthusiastically, and the pinwheel cookies look a bit intense (a.k.a. borderline psychedelic) – that’s totally okay too. Christmas doesn’t have to bee all cutesy and adorable and picture perfect all the time, right? And “psychedelic hypnosis-inducing Christmas pinwheel cookies” has such a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

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SURPRISE INSIDE CHRISTMAS TREE CAKE {gluten, nut & soy free, dairy free option}

This Christmas tree cake may look intimidating, but is actually super easy to make! A surprise inside cake that takes a simple loaf cake and transforms it into a work of art – and with no fuss or fancy equipment! This is the simple, yet impressive, Christmas dessert recipe everyone should have up their sleeves.

A front view of the surprise inside Christmas tree cake, with a few slices having been cut. The yellow batter envelops the Grinch green central Christmas tree pattern. White sprayed pinecones and candy canes provide the Christmas atmosphere.

This cake is like a ninja – perfectly ordinary on the outside and then you cut into it and WOWZA: there’s a Christmas tree in each slice!

As with many of my recipes, this one has come about because I’ve seen something vaguely similar… somewhere… and remembered the process… approximately. So, of course, I simply had to try it myself. Plus, it’s a pattern INSIDE a loaf cake. It’s fun! (And “it’s fun” is always the best reason to bake something.)

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