RAW VEGAN TIRAMISU BITES {gluten, dairy, egg, peanut, soy & ref. sugar free, vegan, paleo}

These raw vegan tiramisu bites consist of three layers of utter decadence: a crunchy chocolatey base, a mousse-like coffee middle and a topping of pure creamy vanilla goodness. While they are gluten and dairy free, as well as vegan and paleo, they couldn’t be more delicious, more decadent and more beautiful.

Two raw vegan tiramisu bites on top of each other, generously drizzled with melted chocolate. More vegan tiramisu bites are in the background.

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Guys, this one’s a winner. Yes, I know I say this for pretty much everything on this blog (and it’s true!) but these raw vegan tiramisu bites deserve at least a tiara, if not the crown… and the sceptre… and the throne, while we’re at it.

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These caramel stuffed white chocolate cake truffles are the perfect gluten free party dessert (even if it’s a party of one). Ridiculously pretty, dangerously delicious and super easy to make, there’s nothing not to love about these cake truffles!

Caramel stuffed white chocolate cake truffles, decorated with gold star sprinkles, are arranged in an elegant long stemmed glass. One of the cake truffles has had a bite taken out of it, exposing the decadent caramel centre and the dense cake pop-like mixture surrounding it.

Cake truffles are my kryptonite. The dense, smooth texture, the blending together of the cake and the frosting into one glorious, slightly sticky but always dangerously delicious mess… Just thinking about them makes me all warm and fuzzy and hungry. Excuse me while I go gobble up about five of them.

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GLUTEN FREE CROATIAN BEAR PAW COOKIES {gluten, peanut & soy free}

These wonderful Croatian bear paw cookies are a Christmas favourite in our house – buttery, sweet, rich and so incredibly aromatic! A gluten free variation on a traditional Croatian cookie recipe, their taste will knock your socks off and leave you craving more.

A stack of three gluten free Croatian bear paw cookies, standing on a fluted cookie mould. Bunches of holly add to the festive holiday atmosphere.

Here’s a fun fact: the longer you keep these cookies in a closed container, the better they get. (Where “better” means they go from “damn delicious” to “too good to be true”.)

Another fact: they never last long enough to get to the “better” stage.

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Four variations of gluten free Christmas cake pops, each one more adorable than the other. They’re both almost too pretty to eat, and too delicious not to have a bite… or ten. When you can choose between reindeer cake pops, Christmas tree cake pops, snowman cake pops and Christmas bauble cake pops, there’s something for everyone.

(Plus, there’s a video with step-by-step instructions… but you can totally watch it just to see the all the pretty cake pops being made.)

Gluten free Christmas cake pops arranged in a white stand on a white surface and in front of a light blue background. From left to right: snowman cake pop, Christmas bauble cake pop, Rudolph reindeer cake pop, Christmas tree cake pop. Small candy canes, white sprayed pinecones and Christmas baubles add to the holiday mood.

Christmas is officially less than a fortnight away and, guys, I can’t wait.

You know what else can’t wait? The weather. Yesterday, we woke to a winter wonderland. Everything was covered in snow. There might have been squealing and bouncing… and more squealing. And then, there was a snowman. And a snow-Garfield, complete with a slightly bored look and coal-drawn stripes. I felt like I was 5 years old again and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

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