Fluffy chocolate cupcakes and silky mint buttercream, all topped off with extra chocolate chips (because why not?). Ridiculously easy and quick to make, these mint chocolate chip cupcakes will impress, as well as convince everyone you’re amazing at this whole being-an-adult-thing.

Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes - Fluffy cloud-like chocolate cupcakes, silky-smooth mint buttercream, and extra chocolate chips. These mint chocolate chip cupcakes are dressed-to-impress and oh-so-delicious.

In my mind, the mint-chocolate combo always represented adulthood, or at least a step in that direction. I am convinced it’s all due to mint chocolate thins – you know the ones I’m talking about. The very very thin chocolate pieces with a minty cream in the middle that are kind of bitter and have an almost overwhelming peppermint aftertaste. I bet when you were a kid you saw your parents and their friends enjoy them after dinner at least a few times. The brand I remember seeing the most are the After Eights – always wrapped individually, in a manner similar to tea bags, in dark emerald green wrappers that had a swirly writing on them that seemed ultra-sophisticated to my childish eyes. Nowadays, I do eat (and love) chocolate-mint… well, pretty much anything, really, but don’t feel like much of an adult at all. Perhaps I should eat more mint chocolate things? In any case, these mint chocolate chip cupcakes cannot hurt.

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If fall were a dessert, it would be apple hazelnut frangipane pie bites. Flaky pie crust, gooey hazelnut frangipane, thinly sliced apples with just enough bite to them, and an ample dusting of fragrant cinnamon. This is fall, folks, in the best form there is – the sweet edible kind.

Apple Hazelnut Frangipane Pie Bites - Flaky pie crust, gooey hazelnut frangipane, thinly sliced apples with just enough bite to them, and an ample dusting of fragrant cinnamon. The true taste of fall, in dessert form.

Is it weird that I prefer ‘fall’ to ‘autumn’, but cannot imagine describing the yellow, red, and orange leaves swirling in the wind in any way other than ‘autumnal’? As a non-native English speaker I like to pretend that I am entitled to pick and choose words from British and American English as I please. But regardless of how you want to call it, there is something majestic about this season. While some may perceive it as the season of dying, falling off, giving up, I always think of it as nature’s last hurrah before it gets shrouded in a white fluffy blanket (or a grey wet blanket, if you’re in the UK). There is an undeniable charm in the changing colour scheme of the forests, a subtle quirkiness in the crunch crunch crunch beneath you feet as you stomp through the colourful heaps of leaves, and a mirthful lightness as you kick through those same heaps and the leaves flap erratically around you.

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CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER OATMEAL {gluten, dairy, egg, soy & ref. sugar free, vegan}

If it looks like dessert, smells like dessert, and tastes like dessert, then it probably is… breakfast! This chocolate peanut butter oatmeal is finger-lickingly delicious, and makes waking up very much worth it.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal - Quick, easy, and tastes like dessert! Only 10 minutes are required to make this finger-lickingly delicious breakfast.

I don’t know about you, but getting up at 7am (or earlier) every morning during the week is definitely not on my list of favourite things to do (licking spoonfuls of peanut butter mixed with honey, though… is definitely up there). And there is realistically only one thing that can get me up from the lovely lovely warm and cozy bed – and I am not talking about the daily obligations, or new discoveries to be made, or anything quite as grandiose. Nope, I am talking about the greatest thing of all – food.

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