GLUTEN FREE ALMOND & ORANGE BUNDT CAKE {gluten, peanut & soy free}

This gluten free orange bundt cake is both easy to make and ridiculously satisfying to eat. It definitely has that old fashioned dessert vibe, that takes you back to your best childhood memories. Infused with plenty of orange flavour from the orange zest and juice, this gluten free bundt cake is moist, buttery and utterly scrumptious.

Gluten Free Almond & Orange Bundt Cake {gluten, peanut & soy free} - This gluten free orange bundt cake is both easy to make and ridiculously satisfying to eat. Infused with plenty of orange flavour from the orange zest and juice, this gluten free bundt cake with a delicious orange glaze is moist, buttery and utterly scrumptious. #glutenfree #bundtcake #cake

Bundt cakes. Such a strange thing, aren’t they?

Tell someone you’ve made a bundt cake and all you’ll be met with are blank stares. A what cake? And it’s surprisingly difficult to explain the concept of a bundt cake. The conversation usually goes something like this:

“I’ve made a bundt cake.”

“A what cake?”

“A bundt cake. It’s a cake with a hole in the middle.”

“So… a donut?”

“No. It’s a bundt cake. A cake. With a hole. In the middle.”

“Huh. Never heard of it. What’s the point of the hole?”

(At this point, you usually start feeling the urge to bang your head against the nearest wall.)

“It’s… it’s… Oh for goodness’ sake, just google it.”

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EASY HOMEMADE GINGERBREAD MARSHMALLOWS {gluten, dairy, egg, nut & soy free}

These homemade gingerbread marshmallows are a revelation. Easy to make, they truly (truly) taste just like gingerbread – there’s the molasses, the cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves. So… the taste is there, and the texture – pure marshmallowy goodness! Perfect with some hot chocolate, they also make a tasty DIY Christmas gift.

Two pieced of homemade gingerbread marshmallows, one on top of the other. A bit has been taken out of the top gingerbread marshmallow, exposing its golden brown, fluffy middle. Bunches of holly and a pretty white and blue antique stand are in the background.

You know how I said I don’t trust marshmallows? Well, I’m a marshmallow convert.

Now, let me clarify. I’m a homemade marshmallow convert. The store-bought ones still give me the heebie-jeebies… but the homemade version. HOLY. COW. They’re amazing.

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These gluten free chocolate chip cookies are deliciously soft, buttery and sweet, with bursts of chocolate in every mouthful. The recipe is simple and easy to follow, with guaranteed mouthwatering results.

Bird's-eye view of gluten free chocolate chip cookies arranged in a pretty heap on a light bluish grey background, with squares of parchment paper underneath the bottom cookies. Decorative cookie tongs hold the top-most cookie. The cookies are still warm, so the chocolate chips are slightly melted, with a pretty shine on them.

Sometimes things go wrong. And wrong. And wrong. And wrong.

And it honestly doesn’t matter if you’re ridiculously invested, super hard-working and if you’ve done your very best. Things still go wrong. That’s life, I guess.

But even when nothing works and you’re fed up with just about everything… we still have leaves changing colour and falling down and making that crunch swoosh crunch swish sound when you wade through piles of them. We still have words that sound nice and… are nice. And when all else fails, we still have chocolate chip cookies.

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THE BEST PALEO CHOCOLATE CAKE. EVER. {gluten, dairy, nut, soy & ref. sugar free, paleo}

Prepare to be blown away by this healthy paleo chocolate cake. It’s decadent, it’s chocolatey and I bet you can’t tell it’s also gluten, dairy and refined sugar free! Super easy and quick to make, it’s the perfect mid-week chocolatey treat. And even better – no nuts, for all those who are fed up with all the healthy sweet treats being nut-based (or have a nut allergy)!

The healthy paleo chocolate cake sits on a decorative black and white plate, in a bright setting.

The best. That’s a bit presumptuous, isn’t it?

It’s assuming that you’ve tasted all the paleo chocolate cakes out there and that THIS ONE comes out on top. Unfortunately, I haven’t sampled all the paleo chocolate cake recipes in existence – but I’m still confident in my claim.


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