RAW VEGAN CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES {gluten, dairy, egg, soy, nut & ref. sugar free, vegan, paleo}

This super easy recipe makes the most delightful healthy raw vegan chocolate truffles with only the simplest of ingredients. These healthy vegan sweets are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, while also being ridiculously pretty and delicious.

Close-up of a dark chocolate raw vegan chocolate truffle, rolled in dark chocolate sprinkles.

So, Christmas has come an gone (I hope you’ve all had an absolute blast!) and now New Year is rapidly approaching. And with the New Year, there inevitably come… New Year’s resolutions. But: can we just not this year. Seriously, please don’t.

Why do we pin so much importance onto a completely arbitrary day in the year? I mean, it’s just a calendar, folks! Do we really need a piece of paper to tell us how to live? Sure, if you’re under about 15 years old, New Year’s Eve is so totally cool because you’re allowed to stay up ’til midnight… or maybe I’m just too old and it’s actually only cool if you’re under ten? I don’t know.

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