HOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE GLUTEN FREE PASTA {gluten, dairy, nut, soy & ref. sugar free}

A simple and reliable 3-ingredient homemade gluten free pasta recipe. Once you’ve tasted this gluten free pasta made from scratch, you’ll never go back to the store-bought stuff. The perfect thing to have on hand for a variety of quick gluten free lunch and dinner recipes.

Nests of homemade gluten free pasta, in the shape of tagliatelle, on a wooden drying or cooling rack.

This one is exciting. It has me bouncing in my seat. It has me pushing aside all the other recipes I have planned for you lovely folks. This takes priority, has to take priority.

If you asked me what I miss most in my gluten free diet, pasta would definitely be up there in the Top 10. And I know that for many of you, pasta is the number one thing you miss, crave, dream about. And I’ve read enough disappointed ramblings to know that store-bought gluten free pasta doesn’t even come close to its gluten-containing equivalent.

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HOW TO MAKE VEGAN LEMON CURD {gluten, dairy, egg, nut & soy free, vegan}

This vegan lemon curd is the real deal. Lemony, luscious, and with a perfect balance between tart and sweet, it also has that perfect lemon curd consistency: runny yet thick, good both for drizzling and for spreading on cookies or cake. And, perhaps most importantly, it has that beautiful golden yellow colour of a proper lemon curd. All that, with no eggs and no dairy!

Vegan lemon curd being poured from a pretty red saucepan into a glass jar. Lemons are in the background and a spoon is in front of the jar.

Lemon desserts can be tricky if you eat an egg-free or vegan diet. Right…?

Actually: no.

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HOW TO MAKE MARSHMALLOWS {gluten, dairy, egg, nut & soy free}

White, fluffy, sweet, sticky and entertainingly bouncy – who doesn’t love marshmallows? We usually stick to the store-bought ones… the sickly sweet, questionable tasting ones. What if I told you that making your own homemade marshmallows is one of the easiest things in the world, and that you’ll love every minute of it? Interested? Well, read on to find out how to make marshmallows – with step-by-step pictures and instructions!

Two white, fluffy marshmallows, partially stacked on top of each other are in the front, with more marshmallows and cookie cutters in the background. Red and gold Christmas baubles in the background give a pop of colour.

I have this slightly backwards, don’t I? The basics should come before the fancy pancy added-flavour recipe, right? Oh, well – the story of my life. Why make things simple and start from the beginning, when you can make things complex and confuse everyone (including yourself)?

Nevertheless, here we are, seeking answers for the question of how to make marshmallows.

The simple answer: easily, without fuss and quite quickly, too.

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HOW TO MAKE SUPER HEALTHY 3-INGREDIENT PALEO & VEGAN CHOCOLATE FROSTING {gluten, dairy, egg, nut, soy & ref. sugar free, vegan & paleo}

This healthy 3-ingredient paleo & vegan chocolate frosting is perfect for when you get hit with that chocolate craving, but still want something healthy and wholesome. Super easy and quick to make, this healthy chocolate ganache is perfect for frosting cakes, brownies or, you know… a spoon. (As it approaches your mouth.)

A bowl full of delicious, luscious healthy vegan avocado frosting, with a white and blue striped spoon in the bowl.

It’s been one of those days that calls for a whole lot of chocolate. You know the kind, don’t you?

The kind that makes writing a super fun and profound post rather difficult… because nothing sounds better right now than making a pillow-and-blanket-nest, and then proceeding to ignore the world until tomorrow morning. Late morning, if possible.

If there’s a chocolate cake that accompanies you into that comfy, warm nest… all the better.

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