Welcome to The Loopy Whisk! I’m Kat (short for Katarina) – the recipe developer, photographer (in making), and writer behind this blog.


Quick, healthy(-ish) breakfasts that keep you full and energised – and make getting up so much easier.
Expect oatmeal recipes so delicious you will think they’re dessert, smoothie variations you never though you’d need in your life (you do, trust me), as well as savoury deliciousness for those that don’t like chocolate/peanut butter in the morning (reaaaaally?).

Lunches you can prepare in advance, so you can have those extra 5 minutes in bed, all the while smugly knowing you’re all set for the day. Food-wise, at least.
Expect vibrant colours, meals chock-full of herbs, and spices, and flavour.

And, of course. Cakes. Cookies. Pies. And all of the usual company they bring with them. As much of the delicious sweet goodness as your heart desires.

ABOUT ME (a.k.a. Another food blog? Really?)

Yes, another food blog – it certainly has been a long time coming. Some of my best childhood memories revolve around cooking and baking; be it spectacular three dimensional cakes my mum made for my every birthday, helping to make cookies at Christmas while the warm scent of cinnamon, oranges and chocolate permeated the air, or merely listening to the comforting sounds of sizzling, bubbling, and clinking coming from the kitchen.

My love for everything food came with me as my family moved from Slovenia to the UK, where I studied Chemistry at the University of Oxford. (It seems I just cannot escape mixing, heating, and experimenting in pretty much every aspect in my life – and you certainly won’t hear me complaining about it!) The kitchen adventures have never taken a back seat during that time; be it making a yummy breakfast that made getting up at 7am bearable, preparing lunch for the following day, or strategically planning meals during exam time – cooking and baking have been there all along. My smoothie-making adventures have amused many of my friends (my neighbours have been a tad less enthusiastic, which I am sure has nothing whatsoever to do with my not-so-silent blender waking them up at ungodly hours… oops).

img_8144I have graduated with a first class degree in July 2016 (yep, that’s me on the right, just after graduation, exhibiting a degree of maturity that most definitely becomes an Oxford graduate), and I’m continuing on in Oxford with a DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry. (DPhil being the “Oxford way” of saying PhD… it’s Oxford. Don’t ask.) So the mixing, heating, and experimenting will continue (both in the lab and in the kitchen), and oh, am I looking forward to it.


I don’t follow any specific diet – I eat what I like and what my body likes. That means that most of my meals are made up of fresh fruit and veg, healthy fats (think coconut oil, avocados, peanut butter … mmmm peanut butter), eggs, and some meat thrown in occasionally. The only two food groups I try and stay away from are dairy products and gluten-containing foods. Generally in cooking, the more vibrant and diverse the colours of the dish, and the greater the amount of herbs and spices, the happier I am.

However, all rules magically disappear when it comes to baking – sure, a lot of my baking is gluten-, dairy- and/or refined sugar-free, but… you simply cannot beat the amazingness that comes from creaming together butter and sugar until white and fluffy, adding eggs, and sifting in flour and folding it in ever-so-carefully. And really, chocolate is basically salad, haven’t you head?


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