GLUTEN FREE STRAWBERRY TART {gluten, nut & soy free}

If you’re a fan of strawberries, or tarts, or just dessert in general – you need to make this gluten free strawberry tart. With a buttery gluten free sweet shortcrust pastry, luxurious vanilla pastry cream and luscious, vibrant strawberries, this easy strawberry tart is the perfect summer dessert.

Overhead view of the gluten free strawberry tart on a vintage white cooling rack on a white background. A large piece of the tart has been cut. The strawberries arranged on top of the tart are a vibrant red and glossy from the jam glaze. An antique cake server, a white plate with a piece of the tart and antique dessert spoons are next to the tart, as well as a few whole and halved strawberries.

We’ve blinked, and it’s nearing the end of May. Which is insane, because it feels like April was only just yesterday and where is the time going? Lately, I feel like I’m always in a hurry, too busy to think, always chasing after things that need doing, while adding another few to my bullet-pointed, highlighter-exhausted to-do list.

But time running aways from us has at least one upside: summer is almost here, and berries are (or will soon be) in season. Berries of all sorts, with their shiny colours and juicy taste and smell of sunshine. To celebrate, let’s make this gluten free strawberry tart.

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This gluten free zucchini galette is almost too good for words. The rosemary pie crust is pure flaky, buttery perfection, and the filling of zucchinis, cherry tomatoes, caramelised onions, feta cheese and herbs is an homage to all things Mediterranean. Super easy to make, this gluten free savoury galette is the perfect thing for a weekend brunch or summer picnic.

Overhead shot of the rectangular gluten free zucchini galette on a white background with a few thyme sprigs sprinkled around it. The galette has been cut into three pieces.

A Mediterranean feast.
A celebration of herbs and summer produce.
A flavour and texture explosion.
A gluten free zucchini galette that you’ll want to make again and again.

I love galettes – they possess all of the flaky butteriness and deliciousness of a pie, without the fuss of baking tins and crimping and precision. When it comes to galettes, we’re all about rustic charm – which means a cracked crust here or there, a wonky shape and irregularly arranged filling are not just okay – they’re kinda the norm.

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20 minutes, 6 ingredients and no baking skills required… to make these gluten free peanut butter cookies. These are 100% some of my all-time favourite cookies, and I’m sure you’ll love them too! Make them extra special (and extra pretty) by dipping them into some dark chocolate.

Overhead shot of gluten free peanut butter cookies dipped in dark chocolate on a greyish white background. A few crumbs and splatters of chocolate complete the scene.

I’m obsessed with these cookies. I love absolutely everything about them. The flavour. The texture. How they look. That fun criss-crossed pattern you make with a fork. I love making them, the smell coming from the oven when they bake… and best of all, I love eating them.

We all have that one dessert we want to make over and over again, right? And I expected mine to be brownies (because chocolate is my BFF and there is no life without it)… but – no. It’s these gluten free peanut butter cookies, with their crispy caramelised edges and their fudgy nutty centre.

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15-MINUTE SWEET POTATO & ARUGULA SALAD WITH AVOCADO + CREAMY PEANUT BUTTER DRESSING {gluten, dairy, egg, soy & ref. sugar free, vegan}

This sweet potato arugula salad is the perfect quick and healthy mid-week lunch, that you can prepare in just 15 minutes! With a hack to make the most amazing “roasted” sweet potatoes (in only 10 minutes) and with the creamiest 4-ingredient peanut butter dressing, this gluten free + vegan arugula salad makes eating healthy the easiest thing in the world.

Overhead shot of the vibrant sweet potato & arugula salad with avocados, drizzled with the creamy peanut butter dressing in a white ceramic bowl. Two forks and a beige napkin are next to the bowl. Linseeds and sunflower seeds are sprinkled around the surface, along with a few arugula leaves.

Okay, so… hear me out. Brownies are awesome. Making a kickass vegan cake is the best feeling ever. Marshmallow brownies are the stuff sweet, sweet dreams are made of. It’s all true. But, on a random Tuesday, when you’re still having flashbacks to allthesugar and allthebaking that happened over the weekend… the last thing you want to see is more brownies. Ugh. No.

Plus, balance. The word is thrown around like confetti nowadays. But with all the running around and the stressing out and the (attempted) adulting, balance sounds just about perfect. Therefore: salad.

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